Mehndi – Types of Mehndi for Pleasant Body Art

Through the era, the style and patterns of Mehndi has tremendously changed in to a totally new artistic approach. As it is gaining its popularity across the globe, cultural augmentation and familiarity is also quite evident.
Different designs have been, now, produced that a large variety is available for the versatile personalities and with gradation of likenesses.
Fully recognized, there are basically four main types of Mehndi approaches that are swarming through the countries.
Arabic design, much too popular in the Middle East countries, is composed of bold and open patterns with less complexity.
With few or no fill-ins, large floral designs on hand and feet enhance the whole beautifying procedure. The designs are only abundant on the palm of the hand and feet and lesser extensions to the arm or calves is evident.
On the other aspect, Indian artistic designs consist mostly of a large dot or a figure in the centre with an inch covering of the fingertips as well.
Mostly the design is overspread on the hand, covering, in some cases, the entire arms and calf muscle. Closely related to this design, is the intricate and beautiful Pakistani Mehndi design.
It is widely popular because of the reflection of skill and determination in the artistic advances. The design is quite abundant in fine lines and floral designs with regular fill-ins and few left over spaces.
But this mostly depends on the customers as to whether they want complete covering or not. Arms till elbow and calf muscles are decorated as in the Indian designs.
Moving over to the African continent, women here are adorned by large and bold patterns usually representing large geometrical figures or on the other side, many lines or dots.
Though covering few areas on the hand and feet, the designs are absolutely stunning and fascinating like all other trends in the Mehndi designs.
Various types of designs available now have given a chance to people across the seven seas and skies to choose the best which portrays their personality better than the others and satisfies their internal desire to a greater extent.

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