How to Dye Hair with Henna|natural henna|Henna Color

Henna is also called as mehndi which comes from the natural source, Dye itself intimate you that it’s a chemical product but henna dye also comes with many natural origin in which only natural product are used so before buying any henna hair color or henna dye just read the ingredients of particular henna pack before purchasing. Safe henna hair dye is natural henna dye which contains no chemicals which may harsh your hair periodically.It is recommended that you bought henna dye from good henna shop or store as in India you can find many henna dye which people are selling at street in many locals shop. So beware of this kind of henna dye.Applying henna dye to your hair in natural ways can give your hair vibrant,soft,healthy results Bellow we have mention some step by step procedure to apply henna dye on your hair which gives you a soft and healthy results.

How To prepare henna dye  paste to apply on your nice hair:

1) Purchase 50 gram to 500 gram of quality henna powdered which does not contain any chemical( try to read the ingredient on the henna pack) depending on your hair size and depending upon your requirement.
2) Now take any glass or plastic container and pour your henna powder in it depending upon the length of hair.
3) Now mix some quantity of water depending upon the quantity of powder you have taken and mix in such a way to give a very thin and fine paste after mixing.
4) Now cover the container with the piece of any plastic paper or any piece of kitchen foil, and leave it over night at room temperature. Allow the dye or the henna paste to leave for longer time to give a very vibrant results.
Now as the henna dye paste is ready to use we will show you now how to apply it on your hair in a correct manner.
1)  Wash your hair with a nice conditioner shampoo and make it dry with time or with a help if dryer,Now wear any old t-shirt or any unused cloth and cover your shoulder part so that when any henna dye paste get poured on your shoulder then it may not harm your precious dress.
2) Wear a gloves on your hand or if not available then used any plastic bad and tight it on your hands. and now take a small quantity of henna paste on the hand and put on your hair starting from nape of the neck. apply it thick like a cake frosting.
3) Now apply the paste to your whole hair keeping in mind that no part of the hair must remain with out henna paste.
4) Now cover your hair with hair cover pack which are available in market. If not available then used any plastic bag and wrap your hair with the help of it.
5) Now wipe out the henna paste which are there on the forehead or any other part of the body while applying like ears,neck.etc.
6) Now leave the henna paste on the hair up to 3-6 hour so that it get dried away.
7) Now wash the henna paste hair by rinsing much of it out possible with water and then with any conditioner shampoo, this will help to remove the last bits of henna paste which when leaved after rinsing with water.

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