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Formal Henna Designs 2011

Mehndi Designs| Henna Designs differ from region to region and in each region, mehndi has some important meaning. Mehndi Designs| Mehndi Designs mean health, fertility, wisdom, holiness and explanation. You can make Mehndi Designs| Mehndi Designs with the help of mehndi paste and you can vary the shade of your Mehndi Designs| Mehndi Designs from light brown to dark brown with the help of numerous ingredients.

These ingredients are varied in different sizes for getting different shades. While drawing Mehndi Designs| Mehndi Designs, it is drawn all over the palm. A palm filled with mehndi designs is very fashionable. Here are some of the easy Mehndi Designs| Mehndi Designs for beginners.

Special Henna Designs 2011

Mehndi Designs| Henna Designs show a discrepancy according to the region, Arabic Mehndi Designs are flowery and big. While Indian Mehndi Designs are fine and lacy with small floral designs. Traditional Mehndi Designs are geometric designs like circles, triangles and lines. All these above stated shapes are combined to form very fashionable, as well as Traditional Mehndi Designs. Complicated designs in the mehndi designs can be drawn with a little practice. Flower arches, lotus, leave chains and mehndi web are some of the normal mehndi designs for beginners. Usually, beginners start by drawing straight and curved lines.
The very first step of drawing the mehndi designs, bordering the palm or drawing a circle at the center of the palm. While drawing mehndi designs on the palms,always remember to fill the patterns on the palm and then on the fingers. Traditional Mehndi Designs for kids include, drawing a circle at the center of the palm and covering the upper crease of all the fingers on that hand with mehndi.Elegant

Henna Designs 2011

Mehndi Designs| Mehndi Designs for feet must be drawn only after a few days of practice. Mehndi Designs| Mehndi Designs for feet involve painting intricate designs with mehndi paste or drawing big floral chains as in Arabic mehendi. The geometric shapes are very common in North America, however, in India, intricate and lacy designs are preferred. Beginners must try with simple designs in the beginning and try to draw mehndi designs all over the feet for practice. This is because; it is very difficult to draw mehndi designs on feet and needs a lot of practice.

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